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The story of the farm

The first settlers arrived on the farm in the late 19th century.

The farm’s most famous resident, Wenti Valkeinen, was born in 1890. As a young man, he studied farming at Orisberg Manor Agricultural School and after graduating, he returned home and took over the family farm.

Wenti was very active in local organisations. He was involved in many local and regional societies such as the National Guard, and was given many positions of trust. For example, he was the chairman of the Ähtäri Municipal Council as well as the local co-op’s bank manager.

In the 1930s, Valkeinen farm entered its heyday. At that time, buildings were upgraded, expanded and the large brick barn was built.

After Wenti died in 1953, his brother Onni, a second world war veteran and a traditional farmer, took over the farm. Many stories are still told about Onni and his lady-friend Milja. They were quite a couple.

After Onni’s death in 1975, Valkeinen Farm was inherited by the brothers’ niece and it was mainly used as a summer cottage. In 1987 the farm was sold, and the new owner started developing the place into a holiday village. Many refurbishments and building work took place. In 2001 the renovations on the old barn were completed and the Tallin Vintti restaurant was opened to the public.

The current owners came to Valkeinen in the summer of 2006 and immediately fell in love with the farm. They moved to Valkeinen in the spring of 2007. Auni and Altti Syrjänen, following their vision, foreseeing the future of rural tourism, slowly but decisively embarked on their journey.